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Education Industry

At Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), those in the varying field of education must ensure the integrity and availability of their data and information networks at all times. Everything from student record keeping, grade information and standardized test data relies on the optimal performance and function of a school system’s data center and premise network capabilities.  

The Education industry spans many sectors, including:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Technical Institutes
  • Online Learning
  • Public School Systems & Districts
  • Private & Preparatory Schools

Across these grade levels and areas of concentration, the implementation of new technologies also plays a huge role in how data is managed and secured. Just as the rise of WiFi and wireless access points (WAP) across college campuses helps connect individuals through social networking, so too are elementary students now taking advantage of the learning capabilities of laptops and desktop computers in every single classroom. 

7/20/2019 10:01:25 PM