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销售是通过经销商的全球网络以合作方式进行。 经销商通过立即向您提供全套产品提供附加值并将通知您关于快速进步的通信技术世界的最新发展和变化。


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Anixter is the world's leading supplier of communications products used to connect voice, video, data and security systems. Anixter is also the leading provider of electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners, and other small components to build, repair and maintain a variety of systems and equipment.


Championda Telecom Products, Inc.

Championda Telecom Products, Inc. was formed with the main purpose of focusing on CPI products sales in China by investing in local inventory. All Championda team members have an average of five years hands-on experience on handling CPI products sales and support in China. Championda has an office in Los Angeles, California. Championda has sales offices and warehouses in Shenzhen and Beijing and plan to open another sales office in Shanghai. Championda provides a fast and smooth process for designing, quoting and delivering products to customers.

SC Connectivity

SC Connectivity Products Pte Ltd

SC Connectivity Products Pte Ltd is a leading Structure Cable distributor in Singapore. SC Connectivity stock and distribute a full range fiber and copper solution into the government, banking and finance, construction and manufacturing market in Singapore. SC represents some of the industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers to provide the most innovative, highest quality and consistently reliable products available.  


TAL Technologies Distribution Phils Inc.

TAL Technologies Distribution Phils Inc. is located in the Philippines and is a distributor of network infrastructure solutions. Our products include copper & fiber solutions, cabinets & enclosure systems. We partner with the finest manufacturers in the business that offer the best quality of products available.

Shanghai Hi-up Network Engineering  Co

Shanghai Hi-up Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hi-up Network Technology Co., Ltd is a well known cable and network equipment supplier and a professional cable assembly manufacturer in mainland China. Their main products are fiber optic cable assemblies, patch cords, adapters, attenuators, indoor and outdoor cable etc. The products provided are most advanced in technology, quality controlled, and comply with the RSOH standards.

Excel Unit Technology Limited

Excel Unit Technology Limited

Excel Unit Technology Limited is a leading distributor of wide area network equipment and structured cabling solutions. The company was established in 1991 in Hong Kong with branch offices currently in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Our core value of “integrity, innovation and mutual benefit” is our commitment to bringing the highest level of service to our customer.

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