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PDU Functionality: Consider These Features for Your High-Density Deployment

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With the rise in processing being done at every cabinet, strong attention must be paid to your power distribution strategy so that the highest levels of availability and efficiency are achieved with minimum management overhead. Rack power distribution units (PDUs) represent the last leg of the power chain. Businesses should choose rack PDUs with an appropriate level of functionality to support high-density deployments.

It's also important to understand the benefit of each functionality as you move forward with evaluation and purchase.

PDU Functionality and Benefit within High-Density Deployments

Branch Circuit and Phase-level Monitoring

Continual monitoring of these parameters along with the ability to set thresholds with notifications ensures that the connected loads stay within capacities at all times. Phase-level monitoring also ensures that the loads stay balanced for efficiency and optimum utilization.

Outlet-level Metering

Provides information about energy consumption of individual IT equipment that ultimately enables charge back reports and higher accountability. In addition, it helps set baseline energy consumption for individual equipment, which can be useful when choosing new equipment to be added to the cabinets.

Outlet-level Switching

Ensures proper provisioning by providing administrators the ability to control what equipment is powered from the PDU. As a best practice, all unused outlets should be maintained in the “off” position until an administrator allows the connection of new equipment. This capability also provides the ability to turn equipment on in sequence at the initial startup and for identifying underutilized equipment, or after a power outage to minimize high inrush currents. It also provides the ability to cycle power to hung IT equipment remotely.

Integrated Environmental Monitoring

Helps ensure businesses meet the growing compliance demands regulations around data access at the cabinet-level. An integrated Electronic Access Control solution negates the need to have a separate source of power and network for the electronic locks at the cabinet-level.

To learn more about what to consider when selecting a PDU and the benefits of each level of functionality within high-density deployments, download a white paper or watch the video below.


Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 11/27/2018 11:04:45 AM

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