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Catalog App: The New Way to Find the CPI Products You Need

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2012 CPI Product Catalog CD CoverIt used to be that the only way to get the most comprehensive resource of products and solutions by Chatsworth Products (CPI) was through the printed version of the popular Product Catalog – CPI’s little book of wonders.

Then we introduced the digital versions of the Catalog, one in PDF format on our website, and the other which can be ordered here in a CD format.

Today, we present the new, simple way to find all products you need and more: the CPI Mini Catalog App.

With CPI’s Mini Catalog as a mobile app, IT and telecommunications professionals can easily: 

  • Create a bill of material (BOM) list
  • Build a part number
  • Search pages by keyword or part number
  • Download additional product documents
  • Bookmark pages

Free, easy-to-use, provides quick results on the go

Designed to be a standalone app, the CPI Mini Catalog App does not require an Internet connection or login information to function, making it handy on job sites or locations without a wireless network. 

The free tool can be downloaded to Apple iPads. Search “CPI” on your Apple iPad to download. The app requires iOS 6.0 or higher. 

 Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by  Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 04/24/2014 09:58:27 AM

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