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IT Infrastructure Should Be as Safe and Reliable as the Data You Protect. Consider These Solutions.

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Security Access - DATA-CENTER-SECURITY.jpgUnauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources, as well as protecting personnel and property requires multiple layers of security. These security systems depend on a reliable, safe and secure IT infrastructure—whether it's located in a computer room, data center or in an unsecured space where security devices are required. 

Chatsworth Products (CPI) physical security solutions cover virtually all your physical layer needs.

Enterprise Security 

The convergence of physical and logical security is redefining how enterprises approach safety. Today's technological advances allow more devices to be connected through a single network infrastructure, which creates a greater dependency on the cabling infrastructure to support the physical and logical security requirements. 

CPI's security infrastructure solutions offer flexibility, quality and value, with a breadth of integrated system components and include:

Indoor Equipment Support

  • Enclosures protect equipment in shared spaces (floor- and wall-mount)
  • Racks secure equipment in dedicated spaces (floor- and wall-mount)
  • Zone enclosures secure equipment inside or outside equipment room (ceiling-mounted)
  • Wire cage enclosures create a security partition around equipment in shared spaces

Industrial and Outdoor Equipment Support

  • Enclosures for industrial spaces protect sensitive IT or automation equipment (floor- and wall-mounted)
  • Enclosures for outdoor spaces protect wireless access points (wall-mounted)

Power Distribution

  • Basic power strips supply reliable delivery for devices in racks and cabinets
  • Advanced, intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) protect and monitor current to critical devices

Environmental Monitoring

  • Remote environmental monitoring provides continuous environmental, power and security monitoring
Electronic Locking
  • Networked Electronic Access Control (EAC) integrates with PDUs to provide an easy-to-use, economical networked electronic lock
  • EAC Swinghandle Kit provides a networked electronic lock solution for physical security of data center cabinets
  • Access cards with biometric authentication provide a highly secure, easy-to-deploy dual-factor biometric access control system that is fully compatible with most existing ID systems and CPI EAC solutions.

CPI recognizes the importance of security for your business. If you'd like to learn more about our security solutions, click here.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist 

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 01/22/2019 01:27:02 PM

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