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I Control: Cooling and Airflow Management a Key Element in CPI’s Data Center Cabinet Ecosystem

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I Control Airflow in My Data Center

Data center owners, depending on their unique data center environments, have various business challenges that impact their ability to remain competitive in the market place. Many share a common challenge—one that remains high on their list of priorities: managing and reducing data center cooling costs. What’s the answer? Developing a strategy that addresses airflow management.

An effective airflow management (containment) strategy allows the data center cabinet to support high-density equipment, while bringing in energy efficiency and lower cooling costs.

To optimize cooling and airflow management in your cabinet ecosystem, Chatsworth Products (CPI) recommends considering the following when selecting airflow management accessories:

  • Door perforation and internal airflow management: Selecting a cabinet with door perforation of at least 78 percent for maximum front-to rear airflow.
  • Specify airflow management accessories: Specify cabinet accessories that optimize front-to-rear airflow. These include baffles that seal the space between the equipment mounting rails and the top, bottom and sides of equipment to block airflow around equipment and blanking panels to seal and open (unused) rack-mount spaces in between equipment.
  • Compatibility with Vertical Exhaust Duct, Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) or Cold Aisle Containment (CAC): A Vertical Exhaust Duct directs hot exhaust air from the servers to a plenum above the drop ceiling and back to the cooling units or to outside vents, thus isolating the hot from cold air within the cabinet and room. A Vertical Exhaust Duct is a highly efficient cabinet-based alternative to HAC or CAC. Optimal airflow management practices also recommend airflow management accessories that block airflow under and around contained cabinets, so the cabinets or aisles are completely sealed.

Free White Paper 

Effective airflow management is a key element of CPI's total Data Center Cabinet Ecosystem Solution. To learn more about how you can optimize cooling and airflow management and other key elements of a successful data center cabinet ecosystem, download the white paper now.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 11/02/2017 12:11:04 PM

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