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Chatsworth Products 的全新可调节缆线桥架提供终极缆线桥架灵活性,定制

可调节缆线桥架 - 14300P_RADIUSDROP_DIVIDERS_SECTION_RGB72.jpg加利福尼亚州西湖村,2016 年 1 月 15 日讯 — Chatsworth Products (CPI) 的全新可调节缆线桥架设计旨在打造高度灵活的点对点通道,以轻松支撑数据中心、电信机房和其他缆线进出通道的空间内的线缆和光纤。

CPI 的可调节缆线桥架包含可动式横向构件,有助于沿着桥架将组件和配件安装在不同位置,简化机架、机柜和缆线管理器之上的布线对齐过程。横向构件通过两个压纹螺丝固定在桥架纵桁上,松开后,即可让横向构件在桥架纵桁之间自由滑动。横向构件可在数据中心使用期限内予以添加、移除或调整。

“不仅可以减少安装时间,灵活性还允许随着时间的变化根据需要进行快速修改,提供卓越的价值,”开放系统 CPI 产品经理 Duke Robertson 表示。

CPI 的可调节缆线桥架的优势包括:

包含可动式横向构件 – 简化移动、添加和更改
包括免工具配件 – 提供显著的劳动力成本削减
补充其他 CPI 缆线桥架系统 – 可适用于任何数据中心或机房设置
完全或部分组装好后运送 – 需要的库存空间较小

该设计实现了缆线吊顶件与机柜中的机架理线器和缆线入口端相适应的更大灵活性,同时保持缆线容量和承重要求。与我们的免工具半径吊顶件和桥架分隔器相结合,安装人员将受益于提高安装效率,包括更快的部署时间并降低劳动力成本,”机柜和热管理系统 CPI 高级产品经理 Sam Rodriguez 表示。

此外,可调节缆线桥架有助于数据中心和设施满足针对铜和光纤布线的 ANSI、TIA 和 EIA 安装标准,同时促使形成适当的缆线弯曲半径,帮助保护数据传输的完整性并防止信号衰减。其设计还融合了重要的接地和级联实践。

可调节缆线桥架还可兼容 CPI 的通用、TELCO 和 UL 分级 桥架系统,并可搭配其他缆线桥架附件使用,形成转弯和过渡,以避开障碍并在整套设施范围内形成有序的缆线通道。

有关 CPI 的可调缆线桥架解决方案的更多信息,请访问产品页面


About Chatsworth Products 
At Chatsworth Products (CPI), it is our mission to address today’s critical IT infrastructure needs with products and services that protect your ever-growing investment in information and communication technology. We act as your business partner and are uniquely prepared to respond to your specific requirements with global availability and rapid product customization that will give you a competitive advantage. At CPI, our passion works for you. With over two decades of engineering innovative IT physical layer solutions for the Fortune 500 and multinational corporations, CPI can respond to your business requirements with unequaled application expertise, customer service and technical support, as well as a global network of industry-leading distributors. Headquartered in the United States, CPI operates from multiple sites worldwide, including offices in Mexico, Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. CPI’s manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Asia and Europe.

CPI is listed with the General Services Administration (GSA) under Federal Supply Schedule IT 70. Products are also available through GSA Advantage and through Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), including GSA Connections and NITAAC-ECS III (

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